AMS 5886

Alloy, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Bars, Forgings, and Rings 50Ni - 20Cr - 20Co - 5.8Mo - 2.2Ti - 0.45Al Consumable Electrode or Vacuum Induction Melted 2100 °F (1149 °C) Solution Heat Treated.

This specification covers a corrosion and heat resistant nickel alloy in the form of bars, forgings, flash welded rings, and stock for forging or flash welded rings.

These products have been used typically for parts requiring high strength up to 1500 degrees F (816 degrees C) and oxidation resistance up to 2000 degrees F (1093 degrees C), particularly those parts which are formed or welded and then heat treated to develop required properties, but usage is not limited to such applications.

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