ASTM A 564

Standard Specification for Hot-Rolled and Cold-Finished Age-Hardening Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes

This specification covers bars and shapes of age-hardening stainless steels. Hot-finished or cold-finished rounds, squares, hexagons, bar shapes, angles, tees, and channels are included. These shapes may be produced by hot rolling, extruding, or forging. Type 631 and 632 stainless steels contain a large amount of ferrite in the microstructure and can have low ductility in forgings and large diameter bars. Material of types other than XM-16, XM-25, and Type 630 shall be furnished in the solution-annealed condition, or in the equalized and oven-tempered condition. Types 630, XM-16, and XM-25 may be furnished in the solution-annealed or age-hardened condition. Type UNS S46910 shall be furnished in solution annealed, cold-worked or aged-hardened condition. Shapes may be subjected to either Class A or Class C preparation for removal of visible surface imperfections. The material shall be subjected to tension, impact, and hardness tests.

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