694 (CM-64)

Alloy 694, also referred to as Coast Metal 64, is a cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy providing high strength and stability at temperatures up to 2100°F. Deposits of alloy 694 have outstanding resistance to wear, erosion, creep, thermal fatigue and oxidation. The principal application is for hard-facing turbine blade interlock surfaces. Wire diameters 0.035", 0.045" and 0.062" are available in straight cut lengths or layer wound spools. This alloy is also available in shaped squares, flats and diamonds sized per customer requirements.


694 Weld Wire

Common Trade Names

CM-64, Coast Metal 64, Alloy 694


  • Hot erosive wear resistance
  • Oxidation resistance to 2100°F
  • Thermal shock, creep strength


  • Hardfacing gas turbine blade shroud interlock surfaces and other wear location areas