Alloy W

Alloy W is a solid solution strengthened nickel superalloy developed primarily as a filler metal for welding dissimilar alloys. Alloy W has excellent dissimilar welding characteristics, and is widely used for that purpose in the gas turbine, aerospace and chemical process industries. The properties of dissimilar weld joints made with alloy W are dependent upon the base metal being joined, but are generally acceptable for a wide range of combinations.


Alloy W Weld Wire

Common Trade Names

Alloy W, Hastelloy® W


  • One of the best choices for dissimilar alloy weldments
  • Resists weld cracking in restrained joints of precipitation hardenable alloys
  • Oxidation resistant through 1400°F
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion


  • Joining crack sensitive precipitation hardening alloys
  • Rings in gas turbine engines