Devin Wachowiak appointed NACE STG 39 Vice Chair

Devin Wachowiak - Rolled Alloys
Congratulations to Rolled Alloys' Director of Metallurgical Services, Devin Wachowiak on his appointment as NACE STG 39 Vice Chair, "Process Industries - Materials Applications and Experiences."

Devin earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo while working as an intern in the Rolled Alloys metallurgical lab over 13 years ago. He now leads Rolled Alloys' Metallurgical Services group (RAMS), which offers materials performance analysis, comparative alloy data, sample coupon testing and evaluation, application case histories and guidance, online technical support and technical presentations and seminars.

His appointment will continue through Corrosion 2017. At this time, Devin will assume the office of Chair for 2017-2019.