Rolled Alloys Announces Additional Laser Processing Capabilities


Temperance, MI – Rolled Alloys announces expanded processing capabilities with the investment in another Trumpf 5040 8000w fiber laser at their Temperance, MI facility.

The newest laser cuts plate up to 1-1/2” thick stainless steel and nickel alloys and offers increased cutting speeds on material between ¼” and 1” thick. The latest acquisition in processing technology provides Rolled Alloys’ customers the benefits of increased capacity and more timely service. In addition to laser cutting, Rolled Alloys offers an extensive variety of processing options including water jet, shear, HD plasma, precision sawing, and band saw cutting.

As one of the largest suppliers of stainless steels, nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys, Rolled Alloys maintains 13 locations across North America and Asia, with additional representatives in Europe.