Abrasive Saw Cutting

Abrasive saw cutting is used to cut alloys into rectangles and strips. The standard tolerances are +1/8”, -0, diagonal tolerance of 3/16”, and a max plate thickness of 3”.

How does Abrasive Saw Cutting work?

It starts with the alloy clamped to the table, then the cutting action is done by a 20" saw blade released downward to grind the steel into dust, creating the cut.

Why choose the Abrasive Saw for cutting your alloy?

It provides an overall low-cost and leaves a square and straight edge that is free of pinch marks. It cuts strips up to 15 feet long and it can cut thicker flat bar sizes.


  • Standard abrasive saw cut plate width and length tolerance is +⅛",-0
  • Abrasive saw-cut plate may be furnished with up to (2) mill edges
  • Diagonal tolerance is 3/16" maximum