Bar Saws

Precision Bar Saw (Cold Saw)

What is a Precision Bar Saw?

A Precision Bar Saw, otherwise known as a Cold Saw, uses a circular blade to cut metal. The name "cold saw" comes from the fact that the saw does not require flood coolant. The heat generated by the cutting action is transferred to the chips that are being ejected by centrifugal forces of the rotating blade.


Tighter tolerances available upon request

  • Cut tolerance: +.032”, -0.0
  • Precision Sawing: 5/8” - 7 1/4” diameter
  • Burr-Free (Clean for safe handling)

Bar Saw (Band Saw)

What is a Bar Saw?

A bar saw typically refers to a band saw, which uses a long blade that provides the ability to accurately cut a wide range of diameters. It is sometimes used to cut entire bundles of steel at one time. Band saws are designed for lower volume jobs due to their quick set up time.


  • 1/4” to 28” diameter:  +1/8”, -0