Shear Cutting

What is Shearing for flat alloys? Shearing is a process for cutting sheet metal to size out of larger stock. It is the most common method of cutting metal into rectangular sizes or strips (not shapes). Depending on the shear, we can cut material thicknesses up to half an inch thick.

How does Shear Cutting work?

The Shear cuts are similar to a guillotine. The material is clamped down and the bottom blade is fixed to the table. The top blade is fixed to a ram that presses down with calculated force causing a fracture in the material, cutting it with extreme precision. It has a tolerance of +-1/16" and a maximum cutting length of 144".

Why choose Shearing for cutting your alloy?

Shearing is a great low-cost option for material that is ½" thick or less. It can cut large rectangles, and strips making flat bar. Shearing is a great option for customers not concerned about saw-cut or squared edges.


  • Standard plate and sheet width and length tolerance is +/-1/16"
  • Upon request, special processing for sheared sheet can be done with width and length tolerance of +1/16", -0.  Precision shearing to +/-0.015" is also available upon request
  • Sheared expanded metal width and length tolerance is +/-1/8"
  • Diagonal tolerance is 3/16" maximum on sheared items
  • Diagonal tolerance is +/-1/16" on precision-sheared items