How does RA 253 MA compared to 309 and 310?

The main differences between RA 253 MA and both 309 and 310 stainless steel are the additions of cerium, increased silicon and nitrogen to RA 253 MA. RA 253 MA also has a lower alloy content of nickel and chromium making it less susceptible to fluctuating commodity prices. In bar products, RA 253 MA is actually less expensive than 310 stainless steel!

The micro alloy addition of cerium helps improve oxidation resistance by strengthening the oxide adhesion. Silicon additions provide a secondary oxide scale below the primary chromium oxide layer that gives RA 253 MA good oxidation resistance up to 2000°F, which is comparable to 310 stainless and superior to 309 stainless. Due to higher controlled carbon levels and nitrogen additions, the creep strength of RA 253 MA is more than twice that of both 309 and 310 stainless at temperatures of 1600°F through 2000°F.  

RA 253 MA max temp in air and creep test.