NORSOK M 650 Requirements

Why are customers asking for products manufactured by Norsok M650 qualified mills?

Oil and Gas Customers increasingly ask for products manufactured by NORSOK M 650 qualified mills. NORSOK M 650 is a manufacturing route specific qualification earned by the mill. This typically covers high alloy austenitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steel bars, pipe, fitting, flange, castings and other component manufacture.

The qualification requires mills to fully document all details of the manufacturing routes. NORSOK M 650 standard establishes a set of qualification requirements to verify that the manufacturer has sufficient competence and experience of the relevant material grades, and necessary production route specific facilities and equipment to produce these in the required shapes and sizes with acceptable properties. The qualification is very focused on the consistency, uniformity, calibration, correctness and efficiency of the furnaces, furnace loading, measurement of heat treatment temperature and soak time at temperature using contact thermocouples. It also focuses on quenching processes and the uniformity and consistency of the quench.  The qualification requires extensive non destructive and destructive testing of components that are representative of the heat and heat treatment batch from which they come. The location of the test samples and results of testing are also fully documented and recorded in a Qualification Test Report (QTR ). The qualification is alloy, production route, product form and product thickness specific.

Rolled  Alloys buys products from NORSOK M 650 qualified manufacturers that are made using the qualified route for both  inventory and make to order projects. We have copies of their QTR's and we know their qualification range. When a customer asks for products with NORSOK M 650 qualification we can pick inventory supplied by qualified mills, check the customer bill of materials against the mill QTR to ensure the goods required are within the qualified size range and supply the customer accordingly.