RA 602 CA: Strongest & Most Heat Resistant Alloy Available from Stock

RA602CA is a nickel base alloy that can be used for many severe high temperature applications.  This alloy nominally contains 63 Ni, 25 Cr, 2.2 Al, and small quantities of Zr, Y, and 0.2 C.

This material is worthy of consideration for radiant tubes, and can provide an economical alternative to cast material when considering entire life cycle costs.  While alloy cost is more than cast, the fact that it is wrought material allows a thin wall radiant tube, as light as 1/8” or 11 gage sheet,  to be used, instead of a heavier section casting.  For a furnace that is in constant use, with continuous or quick turnaround batch, there is continuous firing to bring the furnace to temperature.  With a thinner wall, more of the energy/heat goes directly to heating up the heat treating loads because there is less tube mass to maintain at temperature.  Likewise, for extreme high temperature heat treating, up to 2200°F or even 2250°F, a lighter basket can be fabricated, compared to cast, allowing quicker heat up times and more cycles in a day.

This alloy has much slower grain growth than other wrought alloys, offers excellent carburization, nitriding, and oxidation resistance. 

At least one steel mill is using this alloy as rolls in a thin slab reheating furnace, firing at 2275°F, currently in their 3rd year of operation. 

Please share your experience with RA 602 CA with us.

ra 602 ca