RA330: Over 60 Years of Proven Success in the Heat Treat Industry

RA330 has a proven history for use in high temperature applications, and is a very versatile material.  With a nominal composition of 35 Ni and 19 Cr, chemically it is more than a stainless steel, while not quite a nickel based alloy.  This gives it the best of both worlds.

RA330 has been the alloy of choice for fluidized bed heat treating retorts for furnaces operating up to 2050°F.  Even when exposed to temperatures in the sigma forming range, RA330 has sufficient nickel to minimize any loss of room temperature toughness.   The combination of nickel and chrome make it resistant to both carburization and nitriding.  Although RA330 has lower creep and rupture strength than Alloy 601 it is less expensive, and can be justified on a life cycle cost basis.  It is also readily available and stocked in many forms. 

Other common applications for RA 330 include wire frame heat treating baskets, retorts and muffles for neutral hardening, carburizing, and nitriding furnaces, corrugated boxes, and lower temperature radiant tubes, and a material of choice for in furnace repair.


  •  Muffles
  •  Corrugated Boxes
  •  Retorts
  •  Bar Baskets
  •  Radiant Tubes