Rolled Alloys Metallurgical Services (RAMS) During COVID-19 Outbreak

We hope that everyone is staying safe and taking the necessary precautions to minimize exposure with the current outbreak of COVID-19. While the majority of people are quarantining until the virus is correctly handled, we would like to inform you that RAMS will still be providing many of its services during this time, but with a focus on minimizing any possible exposure. The services that will be offered during this time include:

  1. Material and Application Assistance – RAMS can assist customers in choosing alloys that appear to be the most appropriate for their application, or media, based upon environmental details, or failure of previous metals.


  1. Fabrication Assistance – RAMS can provide details to customers that will assist in welding and joining, as well as forming, and machining.  Practical advice is available on technique, and detailed data to enable customers to construct procedures.


  1. Performance Analysis: Rolled Alloys still has the means to conduct comprehensive material analyses with both our metallurgy force and laboratory available. 


  1. Remote Lunch and Learns: The current circumstances have driven us to change the way we handle Lunch and Learns. With this we now have the ability to perform Lunch and Learns over remote settings with the use of live video conferencing.


  1. Test Samples: Our large range of 4” x 4” sample coupons is still available for customers whether you’d like to evaluate what alloy best suits your application or for use in other types of testing, we are able to supply these samples during this time.


  1. Positive Metal Analysis: If you are in need of material identification due to a materials lack of traceability or a material could have potentially went under a mix, we can provide chemical compositions using a XRF spectrometer during this time. While this is not an official chemistry, it can often identify your alloy or narrow the choice to just a few options.

Our metallurgical team is available to answer metallurgical questions and offer guidance on materials selection.  We can provide you with data to make sound engineering decisions.  Contact Marc Glasser at 800-255-2340, Rick Duncan at 724-713-1917, or Nicholas Hicks at 800-521-0332 Ext: 5379 for metallurgical assistance.  You can also submit questions through our website, using the following link.