Rolled Alloys Metallurgical Services (RAMS) ON THE GO!

Did you know that we have RAMS technical resources that you can access on our website?

We know that in this industry, things often come at us fast and sometimes we just need a quick answer for our customer. We understand!

Our RAMS team has a Technical Resource Center on our website that could help you when you need quick technical assistance.

The following resources are available in the Technical Resource Center:

  • Alloy Data Sheets
  • Weld Wire Selector - Looking for a weld wire? Need to know how to weld your alloy?
  • Technical Library
    • Performance Guides- Performance comparisons of most alloys.
    • Environment Guide-Provides information about the materials in different environments and what can effect or cause failure.
    • Metallurgical Minutes-Blog written by RA Metallurgists covering a broad array of topics and markets.
    • Case Histories- We have documented some of our Case Investigations for other customers to review.
  • Fabrication Information- General information on forming, machining and welding certain alloys.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Chat with one of our Account Representatives by clicking the online chat button. Our Account Representatives are trained in many different areas of the business and will be able to guide you to help find an answer to your questions. You can also get instant quotes and placed orders from our website We are happy to provide convenient service to our customers throughout their entire experience with us.

If you have technical questions please contact us at 1-800-521-0332 and select option 2. You can also submit questions and requests through our website, using the link below: