Utilizing our Weld Wire Selection Tool

Rolled Alloys provides an online tool; the Weld Wire Selector to help determine the best wire options when welding. When visiting www.rolledalloys.com, select Weld Wire Selection from the tools menu in the footer, or you can visit the Technical Resources page and click the Welding Section (both highlighted below).

Weld Wire Selection tool

The Weld Wire Selection tool is pictured below. There will be 2 drop down boxes, with most alloys listed, including carbon steel and heat resistant cast materials. Select the 2 alloys that are to be joined. They can be the same alloy or 2 different alloys. Once the second alloy is selected, up to three options for weld wire can be displayed, with the preferred option on top.

Weld Wire Selection tool

The weld wire options listed represent combinations that have been proven successful over the many years that the Metallurgical Team at Rolled Alloys has tracked performance. Other combinations can be qualified in accordance with industry code guidelines such as ASME or AWS, and for fabrications to be used in corrosive atmospheres, qualifications should include corrosion testing.

In addition to the Weld Wire Selection tool, welding guideline bulletins can be found for many of our alloys. Select the alloy of interest from the Alloys dropdown in the main menu to open the information page. Go to the related literature box on the top right, click the drop down the box, and choose fabrication information, as shown below. As a general rule, select fabrication information for the alloy of the weld material, not the base metal.

Weld Wire Information

The welding brochures include information on good welding practices. Understanding these best practices is a good investment of time and can prevent many problems. Additional questions may be directed to metallurgical-help@rolledalloys.com