ZERON 100 (S32760) is a Cost Saving Option for Seawater

ZERON 100 (S32760) is a superduplex stainless steel with 50% austenite and 50% ferrite. This gives the alloy the benefits of the austenitic microstructure, such as ductility, and also those of the ferritic microstructure, such as strength.  ZERON 100 superduplex stainless steel is produced with a guaranteed minimum PREN of 40 to provide superior performance in many marine environments including seawater desalination and even offshore oil platforms as complete pipe work systems.  With the increased global demand for freshwater, there are many case histories where ZERON 100 has been used in marine environments.  See our complete ZERON 100 Case Histories for more details.  

Zach Schulz