Power Generation

Rolled Alloys is proud to be a global supplier of specialty alloys to the Power Generation Industry. Our comprehensive inventory includes a diverse mix of heat and corrosion resistant alloys as well as stainless steels, including our proprietary alloys ZERON® 100, AL-6XN® and RA 253 MA®. These alloys have proven to perform well in the demanding environments of Power Generation Plants.

RA Impact on
Power Generation
Rolled Alloys is investing in the future of power generation by supplying a product that you can trust, technical expertise that you require, and exceptional service that you deserve. Our materials are used in a number of power generation applications within coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable energy applications. Due to the demanding environments required for different applications, the material you choose should be of the highest quality and perform to your expectations.
Boilers Power Generation BoilersMaterials used in power boiler applications are selected for their creep strength and hot corrosion resistance in elevated temperature environments. Depending on the presence of chlorine, sulfur or molten salts, alloys RA 253 MA, 309, 310, RA330, and 601 are utilized. RA 253 MA and 309 are commonly used for coal nozzles as well as other internal boiler parts such as tube supports, tube shields, and temperature probes. RA 253 MA has been used in many CFB power boilers for cyclones due to having twice the creep strength of 309 and 310 stainless steel above 1600°F and oxidation resistance up to 2000°F. RA330 has been used for soot blowers in power boilers due to its oxidation resistance up 2100°F and great thermal fatigue resistance in cyclic applications.
Pollution Control Many of our alloys are used in pollution control systems, such as flue gas desulfurization (FGD) units, wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP), as well as some carbon capture absorbers. Due to the corrosive conditions caused by high aqueous chloride levels, acidic pH levels, and elevated temperatures, alloys with molybdenum additions are used to resist pitting and crevice corrosion. AL-6XN, ZERON 100, and 2205 are used in many FGD and WESP applications, such as absorber vessels, wallpapering, ducting, turning vanes, pumps, slurry handling systems, impellers, and dampers. AL-6XN has been in service for over 20 years in many FGD systems with no reported problems. Duplex grades 2205 and ZERON 100 are becoming a more popular material choice due to their high strength and lower relative price compared to higher nickel alloys. Duplex 2205 has also been used in a pilot plant carbon capture absorber vessel. Click here for more information.
Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear Cooling TowersWith more discussions on a clean energy future, nuclear power plants have been gaining more attention. AL-6XN has been used in several cooling water systems that are using seawater as the process water or where MIC corrosion is of concern. ZERON 100 would also be a candidate for these systems. 304L and 316L are commonly used for waste storage containers and glove boxes as well as heat exchangers and other transport equipment.
Fuel Cells Our heat resistant alloys are utilized for high temperature solid oxide fuel cells and also for hydrogen reformers to produce fuel for the cells.
Biofuels Biofuel ResearchRolled Alloys has been supplying alloys into many different biofuel manufacturing applications. LDX 2101 was chosen as an alternate to 304L for ethanol tanks due to its higher strength. ZERON 100 was chosen for biodiesel reaction tanks due to the acid catalysts used in this process. LDX 2101, 316L, 2205, AL-6XN, and Alloy 20 have all been selected or tested for cellulosic ethanol applications due to the sulfuric acid commonly used in this process. As future technologies continue to develop, the corrosion resistant alloys supplied by Rolled Alloys, will be necessary.
Solar & Wind Energy Solar PowerAlthough there are not many heat or corrosion resistant alloys used directly in solar panels or wind turbines, many of our alloys are used in the manufacturing of this equipment. Our alloys have been used for the muffles used to manufacture solar panels. INVAR 36 is used extensively in manufacturing tools and forming dies for manufacturing carbon fiber wind turbine blades. Heat resistant alloys such as RA 602 CA, Alloy 601, and RA330 have been used in carbon fiber manufacturing muffles.
Land Based Gas Turbines High temperature resistant and high strength alloys are used in many applications within land based gas turbines (LBGT). Types 304L and 410 stainless steels have been used for combustion covers and cases. High nickel based alloys, such as 625, Alloy X, C263, and X-750 are used for combustion liners, caps, and frames. Rolled Alloys is approved by all major LBGT OEM's to supply material for these very critical parts.