Chemical Processing

Rolled Alloys is proud to be a global supplier of specialty alloys to the Chemical Processing Industry. Our comprehensive inventory includes a diverse mix of corrosion resistant alloys, stainless steels, and duplex stainless steels, including our proprietary alloys ZERON® 100 and AL-6XN®. These alloys perform well in the demanding environments of Chemical Processing.

Applied Materials
Alloy Solutions

Rolled Alloys understands the performance requirements expected from alloys used in the Chemical Processing Industry. We have taken careful measures to ensure the materials that we provide are well suited to your specific applications. Along with our diverse inventory mix, Rolled Alloys also employs engineers who work in our metallurgical laboratory for material testing and can provide performance analysis, technical investigations and electronic test reports. Our engineers are capable of assessing the information provided, and finding which of our alloys will perform to your needs.

Heat Exchangers

Offshore oil rigs must maintain structural integrity and limit corrosion in a wide variety of seawater applications. Duplex stainless steels and high nickel-molybdenum alloys are used in place of austenitic stainless steels, which are prone to general pitting, stress cracking, and have limited strength.

Flare tips and other high temperature applications utilize alloys, such as RA330, RA 253 MA,
and 310 stainless steel. Both RA330 and RA 253 MA show oxidation resistance up to 2100°F.

Fractional Distillation

Our materials are used for equipment such as the columns, heat exchangers, packing, reboilers, piping, vapor lines, jacket piping and pumps due to their resistance to the chlorides and acids.
AL-6XN and ZERON 100 in these applications perform better than stainless steels such as 316L, 317L and 904L.

Distillation Trays

AL-6XN is used for distillation trays due to its lower initial cost and excellent resistance to corrosion when processing high sulfur crude oil. In one instance, AL-6XN was specifically
chosen for its resistance to a variety of acids in the upper section of the atmospheric crude
tower in temperatures reaching 200°F. Previous trays constructed of alloy 400 were in service
for one to three years, whereas AL-6XN has been in service for over ten years. ZERON 100
super duplex stainless steel has also recently been chosen for distillation trays. ZERON 100
has lower initial cost than AL-6XN and similar resistance to acids.

Storage Tanks

Our cut to length coil leveling line allows for custom length plates to minimize scrap. We offer a complete inventory of materials in all product forms. With increased strength, duplex stainless steels are used over austenitic stainless steels. With a family of duplex stainless steels including ZERON 100, 2205 and LDX 2101, we have the right material for your needs. Rolled Alloys provided LDX 2101 for the walls, floor and roof of many storage tanks. Duplex stainless steels achieve 25-30% weight savings over 304L and 316L. Other alloys, such as AL-6XN have been used in more aggressive environments.

Value Added Services

Rolled Alloys offers over 50 years of experience and expertise supplying specialty alloys. Our knowledgeable team of sales professionals is proud to provide you with unmatched service. Our global cutting services include: waterjets, lasers, high definition plasmas, saws, shears, coil levelers, straighteners and billet conversion.