ID, Analysis, & Lab Testing

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

A simple, yet important service that Rolled Alloys offers is positive material identification (PMI) using an x-ray spectrometer (XRF). Every Rolled Alloys stocking facility has a hand held analyzer to verify quality and accuracy of material shipped. We have also used these analyzers for identifying material that has been in service.

This can help you confirm materials for reconstruction or even justifying alloy scrap credits.

Material Analysis

Rolled Alloys employs a group of applications engineers who work directly with fabricators, engineering companies and end users to decide which material is best suited for each application. Often times, this decision starts with a previously failed piece of equipment. With polishing equipment, digital microscopes and full failure analysis reports, Rolled Alloys can assist you in determining modes of failure and even data on other alloy options to increase life expectancy and minimize costs. Please contact a metallurgist if you need a full analysis.

Rolled Alloys has even done material testing and design to develop custom ZERON 100 (UNS S32760) forgings for subsea applications as well as corrosion and fatigue testing of high strength ZERON 100 (UNS S32760) slickline used in offshore oil and gas drilling.

Lab Testing

Rolled Alloys offers global metallurgical assistance. With full metallurgical labs, we offer alloy corrosion testing and high temperature oxidation studies. After nearly 60 years of experience in the heat treat industry the metallurgists have performed dozens of long term high temperature oxidation studies. With a global emphasis on corrosion resistant alloys and duplex stainless steels, we have performed various corrosion studies on iso-corrosion curves in acids, critical pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking tests. Additional laboratory services include multiple optical microscopes and SEM equipment. Rolled Alloys can help you find the best alloy suited for your application.
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Marc Glasser joined the Rolled Alloys Team in 2012 as the Manager of Metallurgical Services later being promoted to Director of Metallurgical Services in 2015. He carried on Rolled Alloys’ strong legacy of unsurpassed metallurgical support to our customers, OEMs and end users.

He’s well known and respected throughout many trade associations and societies, ASM, ASTM, and MTI to name only a few. He remains an Executive Board Member of the Heat Treating Society of ASM and a Committee Member of Industrial Heating Magazine. Because of his contributions to ASTM and the industry, Marc received the ASTM B02 Committee’s Gary M. Kralik Distinguished Service Award in October 2022. This award was established in 1992 to recognize exceptional service to Committee B02, one of its subcommittees, or one of its activities. Marc has published several articles and papers focusing on #hightemperature #alloys and their applications adding to his legacy. Lastly, Marc has been a mentor and teacher developing the next team of engineers and metallurgical specialists to carry on one of RA's founding principles, offering #metallurgical expertise and guidance while growing business in traditional and new markets.

Throughout his 42-year career, Marc never lost that drive to learn, explore, and service customers across multiple industries. His passion for Rolled Alloys, its people, and customers, is undeniable. That flame will continue to burn bright in the next chapter of his life. His impact on Rolled Alloys and the industry will not be forgotten.

Please join us in wishing Marc the best in retirement! :tada:

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